Our history

"Language as a mirror of cultures and identity."

Sankofa is an old West African symbol and means something like “back to your roots (to find what was lost).
Unfortunately, many Africans abroad have failed to get to know their homeland in the past. It was neglected to convey the native language, history and culture to them.

We can not only communicate with language. It is also part of our identity and is always linked to certain cultures and ways of life. When language is lost, culture is irrevocably destroyed.

Sankofa Language School wants to help make up for what has been missed and has therefore been making different African languages ​​available online and
on site at different language levels since 2018.
It is our aim to convey the language, culture and history to everyone who is interested.

Team members

Founder & Head

Akwasi Badu-Aning

Customer Care

Georgette Manuel

Customer Care

Akosua Pertl

Social Media Manager

Iman Roza Rüppel