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The language: Lingala

Lingala is an official language in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo. It is based on the Central African Bobangi language. It's a Bantu language (some linguists believe it is actually a Bantu Creole), which means that it shares similarities with languages ​​that stretch as far as Swahili, Zulu, and Chichewa.

All Lingala courses at a glance

Lingala for beginners & advanced beginners

If you have not yet had any contact with the Lingala language, a Lingala course for beginners at Sankofa Sprachschule is just the thing for you. You can easily learn to follow conversations and have initial conversations.

Our Lingala course for beginners ideally prepares you for everyday situations.

This course is in German.

Children's course

Our children's course (between 5-10 years) is structured in such a way that children learn the basics of the language in a playful way by seeing, listening and reading.
The children learn the alphabet, numbers and days of the week.

In addition, the children learn simple daily terms, prompts, sentences and questions. In this way the children manage to have a simple conversation with their families and others on Lingala.

Our children's course is also suitable for children who cannot read yet.

This course is in German.