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The language: Yoruba

Yoruba is a dialect continuum, i.e. a group of different dialects that flow smoothly into one another, in western Africa with more than thirty million speakers. With approximately 18.5 million speakers, Yoruba is mainly spoken in Nigeria, especially in southwestern Nigeria. There are also some in Benin who are familiar with the Yoruba language. With 465 thousand people speaking Yoruba, it is a recognized minority language there. Speakers of the Yoruba language can also be found in Togo, Cameroon and Sierra Leone, where it is called Aku. There are also a few speakers outside of Africa, especially in Brazil and Cuba.

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Yoruba for beginners & advanced beginners

If you have not yet had any contact with the Yoruba language, the course for beginners at Sankofa Sprachschule is just right for you. You can easily learn to follow conversations and have initial conversations.

Our Yoruba course for beginners ideally prepares you for everyday situations.

This course is in English.

The Lecture

My Name is Samuel Olawale Olatidoye.

I am going to be teaching Yoruba for beginners and advanced level. I grew up partly in Nigeria, before moving to Italy and even after I left, my parents never stopped reminding me of my cultural heritage by constantly speaking my language to me.
Yoruba is a very interesting language because it is very deep and also because you don’t speak it but you sing it.

I personally feel like it's very important that we, as a community of African descent should proudly keep our languages alive by practicing them, as a way to connect us to our roots and heritage.